A Total Bummer

Photography of Woman Surrounded by Sunflowers


Last week has brought me one challenge after another. I have decided not to allow those challenges and obstacles to be a reason for me to doubt my self and my capabilities.

Every morning after waking up I walk a few blocks to a garage where I keep my things during the day. a After that I go along taking care of my daily work as they come. At nigh I walk back to the garage and grab a few things that I need for bed time. Then I proceed to walk the same few blocks back to my sleeping area. On one particular day,  I was walking towards the garage door, as I became closer to the door a few step away I decided to look down in front of me. To my surprise I saw a long black greenish snake laying on the floor with its head looking up. I stopped right on track . I stopped at a perfect distance from the snake, about three or four feet away.

I stood there. Stunned. I decided to wait and see what it’s next move was going to be while keeping a close watch. A few moments later it decided to slither away right into the garage where I kept my things. It entered through a hole on the garage wall. It was quite an incident for me.

Another incident happened to my phone. On this day I sat my purse on the middle of the side walk and walked a few steps away to get something . Suddenly I heard a crashing sound. I turned around to look back to see what caused the sound. I  couldn’t believe my eyes. A car had ran over my purse!. Slowly I walked towards it after the driver backed away from it . It was broken. Trying to see if I can salvage anything I saw my phone right there and it was broken. I went on and cleaned my pursed. Some lotions, creams and food had spilled all over it. I cleaned it as much as I could. Now I am dealing with the fact that I don’t have a phone. It is all for the better.

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