The Beauty of Being Alone

summer tree shadow field alone nature landscape night dusk sunset


Alone. Loneliness. This one simple word holds so much power. Loneliness is and can be scary. From the moment we are born our first inclination is to be held by our parent’s especially the mother. This feeling follow us into adulthood. We want to be around someone.

That was the case for me until I stepped out and began spending time with my self. such is the case in the Country I was born in South Sudan. Herd mentality is highly recommended. The thought of someone considering solitude in some parts as a taboo. Adult children live with their parent’s until marriage and sometimes beyond marriage.

This has been true for me. I lived with my parents until I was married. Then I was separated. After the separation living alone has brought out so many things in me that I never thought I had. It gave me the time and space to rethink my life. It was challenging at first since the concept was new to me.

Solitude has given me something new. I began to think in ways I have never thought of before. It gave me the chance to explore sides that I never knew I had. I am able to step back from my shadow and see the complete picture of me and what I stand for. I am even able to see people for who they really are.

In solitude I began to see my capabilities. I began to see me for who I am. I did things I never thought that I had the strength to do. Solitude is not as bad as I thought it was.




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