Growth Mind Set

Close-up of Fruits Hanging on Tree



Growth is important and I am beginning to understand this on a daily basis. I have noticed now that by growth or choosing to grow you can see the little changes that can happen in your life. The most import thing to consider is that growth is not an overnight process but rather an ongoing one. And by choosing to honor those little changes that are happening in your daily life you will be to appreciate growth more. And will continue to prioritize growth and the things that allow you to grow.

They are called hindrance. These blockages can stand in your way when perusing growth or the things that are important for your growth. Hindrance can be the things or people that y we surround yourself with.

So, when deciding to grow the first and major step is to remove these blockages. This is the most difficult part for me simply because I get attached to people, places and things. Basically, it means leaving the things that are more comfortable and trying the ones that are uncomfortable. Who wants discomfort? And the answer simply is no one.  Change doesn’t come easily for me, especially to the things that I have been attached to for years nonetheless; it is one of the most important ways if not the only way.

Change means removing your old ugly habits and replacing them with brand new ones that are going to get you closer to a healthier and richer life and by rich I don’t mean monetary things.

What makes it even harder is that old habits come naturally. Our subconscious knows exactly how to respond. It has been ingrained in our subconscious mind that even if that’s not how we want to react we still react in our old ways.  Training the mind into doing new things does not come easily. Doing physical and strenuous training is tough to the point of quitting. In order to get the needed results tenacity is needed. Our subconscious mind acts the same way it refuses to change, it pushes and does not give up the old habit easily.  In the same way tenacity is needed to see results. By subduing the subconscious we can then begin to see change.

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