Give yourself A Break



Sometimes we are our own worst critics.  The amount of neglect and pain we cause ourselves is unnecessary . We are special and can do many good things to ourselves, our families, community and society. In each and every single one of us lies a special talent a gift that only we can give to others and to the world. Our job is to recognize that special gift and utilize it. We go around trying to find solutions to our problems thinking that the culprit is out there somewhere when in actuality we are our own worst enemies and until we recognize it we won’t be able to heal our pain.

We are powerful beings a force to be recon with. A force that sound it’s echos  across the oceans. A magnificent beauty that was made to shine only if we allowed it. If we only gave ourselves a chance  to prove our own beauty to our own selves we can then begin to see the fruits of our labor. The only thing we need is to give ourselves a chance.

So, with that being said allow yourself to see the gifts of your own beauty.


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