Ask For Help

Selective Focus Photography of Child's Hand on Person's Palm


Today’s topic is very dear and near to my heart. I am just going to pour my guts out and try to put this the best way that I can. Asking for help. How do I ask for help? It is the 64 thousand question. This is a very important question and for some of us it is very difficult to answer or come to terms with.

I have stepped out of my comfort zone and started a blog. Something that I am still proud of. Now the only problem is I don’t know how to set a beautiful and nice format for my page. I began with only the basics and have continued working and writing in it. Okay now what seems to be the problem? another important question. The issues is that my page turned out to be a long ascending line. The more I write the harder it gets for someone to read the older topics that are at the bottom. That means someone has to scroll down for a couple of minutes when trying to get to my older posts.

I have seen and visited several blogs and was blown away by the level of organization. related topics on one side, and others seems to be organized by categories, archives..etc.

See I am even learning and using new terms.  So the next step is trying and figuring out how to get help in improving my page.

Reasons why we don’t ask for help. I believe that there are several reasons as to why we don’t ask for help.

Reason number one being pride. We tend to let pride take the best of us. We think yes I can do it, and I can do it all by my self. We want to prove to our friends, families and colleagues that we are capable of doing things on our own without needing their help.

The next reason is rejection. Rejection can be a difficult thing to deal with. Most of us want to be accepted the idea of being said no to, can be a hard pill to swallow. So as a result we hide in fear and refuse to get help.

Another reason is intimidation. someone with low self image or low self esteem tends to find it really hard to reach out to someone whom they think of as superior or whatever. They tend to think look at me I don’t have anything to offer why will he or she even come any where near this person. Then end up building this imaginary wall trying to protect themselves from that person whom they seem to think of as higher.

Another reason is that a healthy and good way of asking for help was not modeled. Growing up or so and have an adult who is able to show a good way of asking for help and how rewarding it can be is commendable.

One more reason that I can think of is not wanting to bother others. The idea of going to someone and asking for help can be seen as bothering others. Thinking that the person has other things to do by doing so it’s taking out of their time.

All these reasons can stop someone from reaching out and asking for help. And by doing so miss out on some great opportunities of learning and moving forward. Steve jobs has been a great example of how asking for help can be of help.  He encourages people to not be afraid of asking for help.

For me asking for help has always been difficult for me. Mostly because of not wanting to bother others and not being modeled at home. Nonetheless, as the old me is slowly fading away, I am beginning to learn and take things as they come.


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